I have started to look at more real estate listings after the unfortunate turn of events from two weeks ago. This weekend, a listing seemed interesting so I decided to take a closer look. Upon seeing one picture of the apartment, something caught my attention.

The picture below is of the living room. Is it just me or does there appear to be a brass stripper pole in the middle of the room? I showed the picture to some of the boys at work and a few of them agreed that it sure looks like a stripper pole.

It looks too tall to be a lamp and it also doesn’t have a very big base. I have perhaps seen maybe one or two stripper poles in my life (purely from TV shows) and they all had bases that looked like that.

In any case, I have already e-mailed my realtor to arrange a showing of the apartment. I wonder if I can request that the owner(s) be present when I see it.

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