I was driving home from downtown Vancouver this evening. As per my usual route, I took a road that led through parts of Gastown. At one particular intersection, a police car was in one of the lanes, stopped with lights on and flashing.

As the light was red, I was able to witness what was happening. Two uniformed patrol officers had stopped their patrol vehicle next to a blue, light-duty pickup truck parked off to the side of the road. One officer was shining his light on the driver side where a young man was slumped over, looking very much unconscious. The other officer was making a very slow circle of the truck for some reason.

None of them seemed eager to tap on the driver’s window. The driver didn’t seem to have any visible injuries. It’s most likely he was just too drunk to drive home and passed out in his truck. Or, he could have been dead and that would be the more sensationalist take on it. Seeing as how none of the news media have reported anything like that, I bet he was indeed just inebriated.

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