The whole OT thing at work has started again. I’m not at liberty to disclose what stage the game is at, suffice to say it needs a bit of love for the next little while. What it does mean is I’m getting free cab-rides home again, which also means another roll of the dice when it comes to my cab driver. So far, it hasn’t been that bad.

With my extended work day, I’m warning you that it leaves precious little time for blog posting. Sometimes it means the difference between writing this or going to work with clean underwear the next day. Don’t ask me what other sacrifices I’ve made.

Keeping with the gaming theme, I’m sure some of you know the guys and gals on the floors of above me work on a franchise called Need for Speed. Sadly, I have not seen Maggie Q at the Slurpee machine on 19th. What is interesting is a split second of footage in the trailer below. It shows the Black Box logo after the EA one. I’ve mentioned to Rory, our studio head, how we should be distinguishing ourselves from the other EA studios. We should be known as our own studio first and being an EA studio second. The fact the logo has made into a trailer means we might be heading towards where Criterion and DICE are in terms of studio image.

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