While some people might have boozed up too much this long weekend, I am guilty of eating horrendously for the last three days.

On Friday evening, I had a regular prime rib dinner from The Keg. Keep in mind, I had the exact same thing just on Tuesday.

Then on Saturday, I had five awesome pieces of KFC chicken for dinner. On Sunday morning, I ate two more pieces of KFC chicken for breakfast. I kinda skipped lunch.

For Sunday dinner, I ate slabs of raw tuna and salmon. That might have been fine except that on my way home that evening, I got hungry and decided to patronize the A&W drive-through. I only wanted a single Teen Burger but the girl inside the tiny voice box convinced me to get two since it was two for $6. I went home and ate 1.5 Teen Burgers before I realized I was not respecting myself.

On Monday morning, I decided to skip both breakfast and lunch, instead I decided to consume two Powerbars. Then I went to play several hours of tennis which was good. Unfortunately, we wound up at a Ricky’s Diner afterwards where I had a strawberry milkshake which had a mountain of whipped cream on it. I didn’t finish it but that certainly didn’t help. For Monday dinner, it was my father’s birthday. We took him out to The Boathouse. I got a lobster tail, wild rice, and roasted vegetables. This all seems healthy but then I dipped the lobster in this amazing drawn butter. After all the lobster was gone, I dipped the remaining bread in the butter until it was all gone.

It’s gonna be all sushi and salads this week.

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