I will admit I do not have a very positive view of the practice of buying real estate. After last week’s shenanigans, I really did not think about buying an apartment or real estate in general for a few days.

I have never been more acutely aware of how much money I have until now. When you’re looking to buy a place, it’s a good idea to know how much you can (or in my case can’t) afford. Since I’m kinda down on real estate I’ve been day dreaming with that I could do with my down payment money. One of the things I keep coming back to is buying a car. I explored this in a previous post but I’ve let the possibilities play in mind once again.

I still think it would be a dumb idea to buy a Porsche Cayman but man, that is a hot looking car. On the other hand, once I sign the purchase agreement, I doubt the dealer would refuse to sell the car to me and then ask me how much more money would I be willing to pay for it. Yeah, that would suck.

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