It’s just before midnight on Tuesday and today was another unscheduled day off from work because of the power outage in downtown Vancouver. Despite this, I spent a few hours with three of my co-workers. We played tennis downtown in the wonderful weather.

Though communication from managers has been sparse up to now, it kinda picked up tonight. I’ve been told via e-mail that I might have to report to EA Canada in Burnaby for Wednesday. This is sorta up in the air right now since the BC Hydro web site does say that our block is scheduled to have power back on sometime between 2:30am and 3am early Wednesday morning. If this is indeed the case, things should be back to normal for tomorrow.

The unfortunate thing is that people on my team all have varying levels of remote access. Most managers and producers have Blackberries which allow them to monitor and send e-mail anywhere. Nearly all the software engineers have full VPN access which allows us to check webmail. Between the artists and designers, it’s a toss up. Some have full access like us, while others don’t have any remote access of any sort. I know that managers have been resorting to old-fashioned phone calls for those people.

My prediction is that power will be restored to our studio in just a few hours and that we’ll have a normal workday tomorrow. The morning will tell if I’m right about that prediction.

2 thoughts on “WORK WITHOUT A PLACE”

  1. The fire made it into the Winnipeg Sun Newspaper this morning. Usually the only time the Sun runs stories about Vancouver is when the weather is really bad and smug Sun staff gloat about it.

  2. I was wrong about the power being restored in the morning. It looks like it’ll be the late afternoon at the earliest!

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