As most of you already know, I have returned from my trip to Honolulu, Hawaii. Though it was my second time there, I found this trip to be just as fun and interesting, if not more than the first time.

I experienced a lot of blog-worthy things while I was there, which I will detail in separate posts in the days to come. If you’re a blog writer, there’s nothing quite like a trip to another to country to give you new material.

As a quick summary, I’ll give you a few highlights. First and foremost, I was there to see my good friend Ron get married. The wedding went smoothly and was quite impressed at how both Ron and his lovely bride had everything planned out. Interestingly, I only met Ron’s wife for the first time just minutes after the ceremony ended.

Much of my vacation had to do with eating good food. From the wedding banquet to some iconic US restaurants, there was no shortage of pleasant meals. I wouldn’t be surprised if I came back a few pounds heavier.

This trip was also about many firsts for me. From my first time in an actual submarine to my first time in a helicopter, I quite enjoyed the sense of touristy-adventure, though I kinda at times longed for more extreme pursuits.

I have a few surprises in store as well but you’ll just have to wait for those. Stay tuned.

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