For a pretty small operation, I’m always surprised when this web site turns up as a top five Google search result for anything. For a few years now, this site is top five result for the search term “yub nub“. For a Star Wars related phrase, I’m quite happy about that.

Just in the last week or so, this site has been turning up as top five result for another search. If you Google “mucous seal“, I’m right near the top of the list. Each day, I get about two or more people visiting this site because they were looking for “mucous seal” information. All this results from this post which three years ago, chronicled the removal of a small, benign cyst from the bottom of my mouth.

Given the number of hits I get, this seems like a common thing for people to have. It’s a shame that the original comments for that post were lost. In those comments, Gwilli linked to a hilarious hand drawn picture of what he though a mucous seal was… a seal covered in gross mucous.

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