I didn’t shave my face on the weekend. I guess I didn’t shave my nether regions either but that’s for another post. Anyways, when I woke up this morning I was kinda late so I decided to gain some time back but forgoing the shaving.

My ploy worked as I was not late for work. The interesting thing is when I got back home this evening, I realized I had the beginnings of a really poor looking beard. This was of course not a surprise to me. For about two decades, I’ve known I’ll never be able to grow a nice beard. My facial hair grows in a series of patches. The longer it gets, the more crappy it looks. It’s a good thing that I’m not an NHL player because my playoff beard would be dreadful.

Ok, I gotta end it here, I need to watch the end of Cloverfield.

2 thoughts on “THE BEARD… OR A LACK THEREOF”

  1. One of my favourite Will Ferrell SNL sketches of all time was in one of the first episodes back after 9/11 when Ferrell was George Bush addressing the Nation explaining how America was going to react. I forget most of it, but loved this line:“If Osama wanted to win a battle with America he should have just challenged me to a beard growing contest, because I dont have one, and he does, and when I try to grow one it comes in all patchy.”

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