In a previous post, I detailed my attempts to not eating from McDonald’s until I got back from a wedding in Hawaii. That original post was written on April 30th. It’s been nearly two months since I’ve ordered anything from McDonald’s. There have been two occasions where I stole some fries from a designer but I’ve been good other than that.

Of course, the ban was only for McDonald’s. In the nearly two months, I’ve had fried chicken at least twice, ordered from A&W, and had several slices of pizza. Interestingly though, at the times where I would have usually eaten from McDonald’s, I’ve ordered sushi instead. I will always love sushi and sashimi but I admit the craving for a Big Mac and french fries sometimes becomes strong. Wow, just writing about that made me think about the special sauce and double patties. Oh man, think about baseball and dead puppies… wait, that’s for something else.

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