A few days ago, I was walking back home from the bus stop when I noticed a fairly large and new sign posted on a metal pole next to the sidewalk. I like to think I’m a perceptive guy, so I swear it wasn’t there the day before.

On the sign, it read that a black bear had been sighted “in the area” and that residents should take care when walking nearby. It then went on to list a few things you should do to make a bear attack less likely. This isn’t the first time such a warning has been posted. A few years back, my sister read a paper sign that said pretty much the same thing. This of course, led to the infamous “woman with a baby stroller or possibly it was a dog” incident that my sister is still trying to put behind her.

Anyways, this time around, it was a full-on colour metal sign on a nice aluminum pole that would be welcome in any Festivus celebration. Port Moody must be serious about its bear warnings now. The odd thing is, I don’t really know where this bear might be coming from. Actually, if you read GK’s post, it might shed some light on where this bear is living.

In any case, it would totally suck if a bear attacked me on the way home.

2 thoughts on “BEAR WARNING”

  1. I think this is cause for a massive tax increase to fund a bear patrol complete with stealth bomber surveillance.“We’re here! We’re queer! We don’t want any more bears!”

  2. I just moved (today) to the Port Moody/Coquitlam area and as I was unloading yet another van-load of goods, some of my new neighbours came over to say hi… and warn me about the bear(s).Apparently, there is cub that has been around since last year, and it lives *very* nearby. I was told it’s around 24/7. There’s also a mother with her two cubs that have been sighted around here lately, too.Great.Oh, and I also was told to watch out for coyotes, deer, and to avoid the end of the parking lot where the city has been laying out rat poison.

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