I had another post topic all lined up but I just got out of the shower (I’m Asian so I shower at night) and I was just overcome with this sudden, strong craving for liquid sugar in the form of a soft drink.

This is weird because my blood sugar isn’t low and I’m not hungry. I just to taste sugar in a liquid, cold, and refreshing form. I wonder if this is because I’ve lowered my sugar intake for about three months now. I’ve stopped consuming any refined sugar when I can. The only soft drink I have is Coke Zero. I don’t drink coffee anymore so that means I don’t consume the four packets of sugar that came with every cup of joe. I am perhaps guilty of eating Tim Horton’s chocolate dip donuts, which contains 9g of sugar and 8g of fat each, though it’s way better than the 40g of sugar in a can of regular Coke. I do, however, limit myself to about one donut per day.

The craving has lessened a bit since I got out of the shower. I actually have no Coke of any kind in the house. Not a single soft drink of any kind. I was an angstrom away from walking to 7-11 to buy some Coke but I decided not to. Instead, I drank a bottle of cold water and chased it down with some Starbursts I found behind some sofa pillows.

When I get to work tomorrow, I’m just gonna slam some regular Coke Classics. Then I’ll probably be all fidgety and unproductive until about 2pm.

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