Though it is supposedly spring in the western hemisphere, the weather doesn’t support that fact, at least in Vancouver.

On Friday night, after leaving a dinner engagement, I stepped outside into a full-fledged snowstorm. Though it was late April, the Broadway and Granville area of town resembled a snowy December evening. Cursing the weather, I made my way back downtown where the storm was even more intense. The flakes of snowing falling in the downtown core were huge, approaching the size of small cookies.

Curiously, when I got back home to the outlying areas of Tatooine, there was no snow at all and hardly any moisture on the ground (I guess it had been all farmed already… bada-bing!). Despite the lack of snow, it was still bone-chillingly cold.

Though the snow did not return on Saturday, it was still freezing cold. I attended an outdoor BBQ Saturday evening and by sun down, everyone was scrambling inside to escape the cold air.

Monday calls for a chance of flurries, so this terrible “spring” weather still has a chance to linger for a few days yet. In fact, for the next two days, forecasters are predicting a low temperature of just above freezing!

I better bring a scarf with me when we go for our dinner at TOSF.

2 thoughts on “THE WEATHER”

  1. Who would have thought that in Vancouver it is snowing and in Ontario we are having summer weather of 20 degrees? KD

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