There was a recent airing of a History channel special entitled “Life After People”. The show focuses on how the planet would change if for some reason, human beings disappeared from Earth. They go into detail about how our infrastructure would deteriorate (or survive), what would happen to the planet’s environment, and what everything would look like in such a world.

As many of you know, I’m fascinated by post-apocalyptic scenarios. Though the show doesn’t exactly state why humans would all disappear, for my own purposes I’m imagining a world-wide zombie plague, which actually leaves small pockets of survivors sprinkled through the world. To that end, even the show’s web site devote an entire section to surviving alone in a post-apocalyptic situation. Granted, none of their tips deal with zombie specific elements of survival.

I haven’t seen the show, but I might find a torrent for it. Check out the web site for video from the show.

2 thoughts on “LIFE AFTER PEOPLE”

  1. Check out Alan Weisman’s book “The World Without Us”, which presumably was an inspiration for the History Channel show. Long after we’re gone, plastic will linger on…

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