Did you know that McDonald’s Canada launched a new burger today? Yep, named the Angus burger, it competes with a similarly named product from Burger King. As you might imagine the new burger is made from Angus beef and with a bakery style bun. It’s meant to be a deluxe burger, thus the bigger patty and price tag.

I’ve been waiting for this burger to arrive for about a week now. I was looking forward to it for two reasons: one, I wanted to sample this new burger and two, I’m going on a McDonald’s hiatus until I get back from my vacation from Hawaii.

Let’s talk about the burger itself. My quick synopsis is that it’s satisfactory. It wasn’t horrible but it certainly wasn’t the best thing to come from McDonald’s. To be honest, I’d prefer a Big Mac over the Angus burger. It tasted kinda bland. Now this is weird but I thought the Angus burger wasn’t greasy enough. Maybe greasy isn’t the right word… maybe wet is… ok, let’s go back to greasy. I hope you know what I mean. The whole thing was just too cardboardy. Now for all the blandness, there’s actually more fat in an Angus burger than in a Big Mac, 4g more, for a total of 33g. Would I order one again? Probably not.

Now the reason why I’m staying away from McD’s for a while is just to see if I can do it. I don’t eat McD’s every day, so this isn’t really gonna make my diet that much better. I’m also still allowed to eat doughnuts, KFC, A&W and the list goes on. The thing is, McD’s is the most convenient place to get food near the studio after 5pm, so this will be a good test.

Who knows, maybe when my Hawaii trip rolls around I’ll look fab-u-lous in my two piece on the beach!

3 thoughts on “ANGUS BURGER SEND OFF”

  1. Us Manitobans have had the Angus burger for a good two months now. Guess we were a test market. Either that, or McDonalds took pity on us for all the freezing weather and mosquitos.

  2. I think the word you were looking for, Erwin, is juicy.A&W had a sirloin (or something) burger a few years go, and for some reason I ordered one (I don’t really like A&W), and my gods was it ever good. The next time I wanted one, however, they were gone. Limited time offer. Haven’t seen them since.

  3. Juicy. Yes, that was probably the word I should have used. I think I’ll use “juicy” every time I can’t remember a word.

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