Someone I know has a baby nephew named Ben. Though I don’t know much about the father of said nephew, I do know he has slight geekish leanings. Secretly, I hope he partially named his son after one of the greatest Jedi to ever wield a lightsaber… Ben Kenobi.

3 thoughts on “RANDOM”

  1. Ooh you’re talking about me aren’t you?! You’re right about Ben’s father – total geek. Although I think Ben’s mum (my sister) made all the naming decisions, and I think they ended up naming him Benjamin because one of their friends stole the name they really wanted for his own child, born a few weeks before Ben. Otherwise Ben would have been named Thomas, after Thomas the Tank Engine.

  2. Geez, I didn’t hide that very well did I? Well, I’d take Ben Kenobi, my son over, Thomas the Tank Engine, my son, on any day.Lovable nerd, I like that!

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