It’s not every day you see a dead body but that’s exactly what I saw on Friday night. According to reports, a limousine bus struck and killed a man at Main and East Hastings just shortly before 9pm. I was on a bus that drove through that intersection just after 10:30pm.

By then, police had taped off Main, north of E. Hastings with yellow crime scene tape. Strangely, it was all motorcycle cops on scene. The bus was still parked where it had hit the man, about half way through it’s turn, right in pedestrian crosswalk area. The dead man’s body was still lying where he died. He must have died instantly or very quickly because it didn’t look like anyone had moved him. A good portion of his body was still under the bus. Someone had partially covered the deceased but I was able to see the lower half of his body.

The cops must have been waiting for traffic accident investigators to attend the scene because the body had been lying there close to two hours by the time I saw it. After my few seconds of observation, the bus continued on its way.


  1. When you see a dead body, it makes you a man — at least that’s what I learned from “Stand by Me”.-BryBry

  2. Well, when I go (and that’s always a possibility), I’ll let you view me — noodle too if you want. Hell, I might even let you wash me and prepare me for the big sleep.– desperately seeking susanhope you’re well my love

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