Originally, this post was solely going to be about how it’s been nearly eight weeks since my last haircut. I was going to mention how Krameresque my hair had become and how I have wings on the sides that threaten to give me flight in a strong breeze.

Then I found the awesome video above, which I must warn you contains some strong language of the f-word kind. If you’re offended by such language, then read to the end of the post, close this browser window and continue on with your day. Anyways, the video contains some exclusive footage from the movie Knocked Up. The film was a hit and quite popular. While everyone knows that Vancouver native Seth Rogen was a big part of the movie’s success, did you know he wasn’t the original actor in the role? Yes, that is true! No lie!

Actor James Franco, better known for his role as Harry Osborne in the Spider-Man movies was the first actor to play the lead in Knocked Up. The video above shows some shocking footage from on the set that demonstrates why he was replaced after filming had started. Amazing stuff.

I can’t wait to get my haircut tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “A HAIRCUT AND A VIDEO”

  1. What? It’s not real?!?!? So you mean Eric Stoltz was the original Marty McFly either?!?!? My world is crumbling!

  2. Yes, firing Franco WAS the joke! Apatow is genius in setting up these fake firings! (I could do without hearing the nasty language tho! It is soooooooooo NOT needed!!) I’m lovin’ that Franco tho!

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