I actually participated in Valentine’s Day this year. A few weeks back I was at Wal-Mart when I saw these Spider-Man Valentine’s Day cards on sale. They were about $5 for 32 of them. The exact same ones as pictured here. I thought, “I’m gonna give these to the ladies at work with a few Hershey’s Kisses.”

When this week came around, I ran into a problem. For a dev team, we have a lot of females on staff, a lot higher percentage than previous teams. While I know most of them, a few joined the team in the last few weeks. I haven’t even met some of them. Do I give every single lady a card and chocolates and running the risk of getting yet again receiving another stack of restraining orders? Or, do I just selectively give out my treats, and risk making the new ladies feel left out?

To help me find an answer, I turned to Angela, one of the dev directors on the team and someone who I sometimes second-hand smoke cigarettes with. She told me not to worry about the new ladies and that I should just give out the treats to the ones I know. She also told me one of the new dev managers is pretty cool, so Amy would be ok with it if I included her on the list. I’ve talked to Amy twice but there hasn’t been any formal introductions. Anyways, I trust Angela’s judgement on things.

So on Wednesday night before leaving the studio, I signed my cheesy Spider-Man Valentines and went around to various desks, leaving a card and some cherry Hershey’s Kisses. At the last minute, I also left a card on Charles’ desk just because I thought he’d enjoy it. By the way, the cherry kind of Kisses contain much less fat than other types, check it out yourself.

When I arrived to work on Thursday morning, I had already received several e-mail thank yous which was quite nice of the ladies and warmed the cockles of my heart. A few saved their thanks for in person. Their smiling faces was better than any Sausage McGriddle to start off the day.

By the end of the day, the only person I hadn’t heard from was Amy, one of the new ladies on the team. So while I hope she wasn’t creeped out by my elementary school style card, a part of me wonders if I should have listened to Angela. Angie! You owe a second-hand menthol-light!

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