In a previous post nearly a year ago, I wrote about how I lost my watch because I’d been holding the strap together with tape for about three months. Well, working backwards, it’s been considerably over a year now since I first applied clear tape to my busted watch strap. Initially, I had intended it to be a stopgap measure until I bought a new strap. Somehow, either through laziness or some other word I can’t be bothered to look up, I never did get a new strap.

Now, I actually did visit the Swatch store in Times Square in New York around midnight in August of 2007, looking for a new strap. They brought out a couple for me that fit my particular model but none of them looked good with my watch. I find it odd that over the course of a year, I wouldn’t go to the Swatch store in Metrotown but I was ok with visiting the one in Manhattan.

So here we are. In fact, it got worse a few days ago. A second rip developed in the strap, so now I have to tape it in two places. Only a handful of people have commented on my ghetto watch strap. I wonder how many have noticed, only to have not said anything.

I wish I could show you what the strap looks like right now but I can’t seem to find my digital camera. I hope my mom didn’t sell it for drug money.

Anyways, I think this weekend is the weekend where I go to the local Swatch store.

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