About five months ago, I wrote a post where I detailed my purchase of a full-spectrum bulb for my desk lamp at work. I was attempting to see if this new bulb would prevent the “winter blahs” from affecting me.

With nearly half a year in front of the lamp, eight hours a day, and almost a full winter behind me, I think it’s time to make a quick, informal assessment. In short, yes, I think I have felt better this winter than the previous one. I feel less tired, less moody, and more cheerful during the day. This winter hasn’t really bothered me that much.

Of course it would be ridiculous to conclusively say this was all because of a single light bulb. There are a number of other factors that might be at work. I’m in the second year at EA and things are going well at the studio. Last year wasn’t horrible either but I was still a rookie and kinda nervous about things. Also, this time last year, the game was in rough shape so there was a lot of concern on a daily basis. My current project is going much smoother. Weather wise, maybe there were just more sunny days and less rainy ones this winter. I can’t be bothered to look it up but it sure feels like that was the case.

Placebo effect or not, I know for sure that I’ve got the whitest, purest light on any desk around the studio.

2 thoughts on “LIGHT RESULTS”

  1. It’s funny that you mention the placebo effect in your post. Shortly after you made your initial post about the bulb I had DeLong replace the bulb you bought with a black-light bulb that I had painted white.I just thought you should know.

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