I’m taking a one day course/seminar at EA Canada tomorrow, so I’ll be at the Burnaby campus instead of Black Box. I rarely go there and though I’m not certain I think I visited last in August of 2006 when SE boot camp ended.

Anyways, I love being there in the mornings because of the breakfast items at the EAt cafeteria. They offer a different featured item every day but I prefer the a la carte options. I usually get what every quantity of scrambled eggs, bacon, and hash browns I want. I got breakfast every day of boot camp and it was awesome. Even though downtown I’m close to Tim Horton’s and McDonald’s, it’s still not as convenient as the cafeteria. I think if I worked in Burnaby, I’d weigh at least 200 lbs. and probably have heart problems. Or would the breakfast be offset by the dodgeball? Hmmm… that’s hard to say.

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