Last month, I promised I’d write about my left knee, so here I am fulfilling that promise.

About a week before I left for Vegas, I was going up the escalator at the Lougheed Skytrain station when I took a step and somehow, I must have slipped and I went down hard. Actually, my left knee took the brunt of the fall and it hit the edge of one of the metal escalator steps.

I was back up in a second but as soon as I can came up, I realized my knee hurt like a sumbitch. I kept walking up the escalator but there was a nuclear explosion of pain emanating from my left knee. I’d never felt that much pain from my knee before and I was thinking my competitive square-dancing days were over.

As I limped across the platform, the train arrived, so I got to sit down right away. It really hurt for the next ten minutes and then it was just a dull throb for the rest of the way to work. For the whole day, I didn’t feel any pain unless I bent my leg at a certain angle.

For the next two weeks, I couldn’t put any weight on that knee so proposing to random women was totally out of the question, thus leaving me to find other things to do on my Thursday nights.

While the knee has scabbed up nicely weeks afterwards, the fact that it still hurt in certain circumstances made me think I’d really done some damage to it. I thought about going to the doctor’s but then I’d just start playing Xbox again.

After the new year, the pain went away completely.

Ok, so there’s my post about my left knee. I didn’t say it would be a good post!

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  1. Did you make that sound that Peter Griffin made when he banged his shin after finding out he won the Pawtucket Golden Ticket?AAAAaaaaaaah….sssssssssssss-BryBry

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