Even if you’ve known me for just a short amount of time, you know I have two unique abilities: I can cleanly core an apple with just my hands in less than five seconds and I always manage to wake up on my bus before my stop.

Tonight, I nearly missed my stop on the bus. I usually wake up as the bus turns off the highway. This evening was like any other as I indeed did wake up as we headed off the highway. I then made a conscious decision to close my eyes again as I was quite enjoying my little nap on the bus. I of course, fell asleep again.

I awoke probably about a minute later but at that time I didn’t know that. At first I wasn’t sure exactly where we were or how much time had passed. I wanted to grab the guy in front of me and ask him what year it was but that only works in the movies.

As I looked outside the window, I realized we had just passed the stop before my own. I had really cut it close this time as I probably had less than 10 000 milliseconds to pull the cord. I signaled for my stop and was thankful I have woken up in time.

Stepping off the bus, I was still reeling with the close call. I could do nothing else but just sit at the bus shelter for a few minutes to collect myself. Reaching into my coat pocket, I was dismayed to find my packet of chew was empty. It was time to go to 7-11 to get a new tin before walking home.


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