In several of my previous posts I’ve stated that I get e-mails on a rarely used account that are clearly not for me but some other person who has incorrectly configured their e-mail client. They are able to send messages but all replies to any messages come to me.

It may sound interesting to get another person’s e-mails but this individual seems to lead a pretty normal and “by the books” type of life. No one even forwards him porn, which I’d settle for.

Last week, it got a bit awkward for the first time when he sent a message but it got bounced back because the end recipient didn’t exist. I guess he got the address wrong. Anyways, since it bounced back, it didn’t go back to him… it went back to me. From the looks of it, I think this is either a dating site “first contact” type of message or some other message with romantic overtones.

I’m going to publish an excerpt here, censoring details that might get picked up by a Google crawler.

Subject: To the The S****y Girl who likes working out in the Gym


Like your ad on the Web. I am from C****a been in S******i 2 years ago
and really like it. Originally from G*****y but live here in C****a for
** years.

I like the Chinese Culture and been practicing Kung Fu and Tai Chi for
** Years. Would like to learn Chinese and Visit China more often. I am
** Years old used to work in F*****e but do more a********s work now.
Well you say you not ugly at all and have brains, very nice.
Maybe we can start as friends I teach you G****n or English and you
teach me Chinese and show me China someday, who knows where it leads.

Looking forward to hear from you


I know I’ve said it before but now I’m really, really considering telling this guy he’s messed up his e-mail client. Mind you, now there’s a bit of awkwardness involved, I’m tempted to not tell him. I think that would be wrong. Of course, there’s no way he knows the message bounced, so I can spare him that indignity.

Hindsight being a Hubble telescope, I really should have told him months ago when this first started.

One thought on “AWKWARD”

  1. Tell him you never use the account, so when you finally checked up on it, this particular mail caught your attention, being the most recent, but you’d already deleted the rest of the mails, thinking they were spam.

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