Accepting for skate. is (from left to right): Big Black, executive producer Scott Blackwood, Rob Dyrdek, and Danny Way

Despite the fact the results were announced well in advance of tonight’s airing, I hope some of you still managed to catch the 2007 Spike TV Video Game Awards. In any case, skate. won its category! Yay! According to Spike TV, we’re the “Best Individual Sports Game” of 2007.

I actually didn’t see the show tonight as my cable package doesn’t get Spike but I’m hoping to find a torrent before the night is out. I’m very curious to hear what Scott had to say up on stage. He mentioned before he left that given the chance, he would for sure give a shout out to the rest of the dev team back in Vancouver.

So wow, something I worked on won an award on a televised award show. Sure, it wasn’t the Oscars and a large segment of gamers loath the show but hey, I’ll take it. It’s a far cry from the crappy cell phone games I was working on not two years ago.

If you’re interested, here are some pictures from the awards show, including red carpet and backstage appearances. Also, if you took a liking to the attractive ladies who were body painted for the show, you’ll probably want to see this video, look for the skate. girl!

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