So this evening, I’m gaming on my Wii (yes, I’ve finally started using my Wii again) when I heard this loud bang outside the window. Not a split-second later, the lights flicker but they don’t go out. I look on the screen and yes, I’m still in Nazi-occupied northern France.

Upon further inspection of my home however, reveals that some lights have indeed gone out. It turns out that anything that isn’t powered via an electrical socket, for example fixture lighting, isn’t receiving anything juice. A quick check of the breakers reveals none have been tripped.

So while I’m able to get my ass kicked in 32 person multiplayer on the Wii, I have to pee in the dark in the bathroom. I’ve never seen something like this before. The next weird thing I noticed was the electric stove. These things use a special plug, so it wasn’t a surprise to the stove’s electric clock was off. When I tried to turn on one of the elements though, it lit up and actually got hot. I tried heating up a can of soup but I noticed something was wrong. Even though I had it cranked up to max, it wasn’t getting very hot. It took about twice as long to heat my soup up compared to normal. So it would appear the stove isn’t getting enough juice.

I wonder what’s going on?

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