Last week, I had a chance to purchase Rock Band at a discounted price and nearly a month before it arrives in Canada. The studio managed to get twenty sets of the special edition. Knowing that there would be a huge demand, the right to purchase one of the twenty was done by a draw. I was not chosen in the draw. Several people on my team did, however, get selected.

Today the Rock Band boxes were made available to the lucky twenty. The designer sitting next to me picked his up and brought it down to his desk. There were five people around him almost immediately. He was adamant about not opening the box until he got home. Despite the peer pressure, he stuck to his guns and people went away disappointed.

Later in the day, he said it would be interesting carrying the big box down Seymour to his apartment. I’m sure he was fine but there is a big demand for this title. In the meantime, I’ll have to make do with Cowbell Hero until next month.

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