In an earlier post, I mentioned how all the washrooms (except for one) on the floor that I work on were undergoing renovations. That meant that close to a hundred people had to wait on a single washroom that served one person at a time.

After over a month of reno time, the washrooms were re-opened today. Keep in mind, over the course of the last four weeks, about two of them went by where no work was being conducted. As I stepped into the men’s washroom for first time in nearly two months, it was very evident they could have most likely done the same work in about a week and a half. They changed the floor tiles, painted the ceiling white, and added a new light in the stall area. That’s all the work they did. Everything else was the same. How does it take nearly two months to do that?

As a reminder that things have changed, a tile near the door is now jamming against the washroom door, so when anyone opens it, the door makes this loud screeching sound. Awesome.

Good job Cadillac Fairview!

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