I know all of you are very eager to see how Tony Hawk’s Proving Ground did sales-wise in its first week of release. The above chart is from vgchartz.com for the week ending October 20, across all platforms. The snippet above only shows data for the Xbox 360.

Just for comparison, I included skate‘s position on the chart (keep in mind, skate. has been out for six weeks now). The last Tony Hawk game, Project 8, sold about 30K copies in its first week. Historically, titles almost always decline in sales from their first week on so its unclear if THPG will meet Project 8‘s 640K total.

One interesting thing to note is that the PS2 version of THPG did better in sales than the 360 version. THPG for PS2 sold 27K copies, good for 13th place on the charts.

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