Two interesting things happened at work today. The first was that a whole tray of chocolate cupcakes with frosting was delivered to out kitchen area today. The second was my employer decided to purchase two game studios for a total of $855 million. Those cupcakes were delicious! They weren’t as good as the ones you find those cupcake stores but still not bad.

So yeah, EA decided to buy Bioware and Pandemic. Of course, gamers instantly assumed the worst and predicted that EA will run both companies into the ground somehow. Maybe they have a point but maybe they don’t but I’m going to think positive. From at least a personal point of view, this is good because I’m assuming I’ll be getting cheap Bioware and Pandemic now. Mass Effect at discount! W00t!

In keeping with the personal theme, I guess this makes Zoe and I coworkers again. Zoe and I worked together on Sonic Rivals. I took off to work on skate. Zoe just recently took a job at Pandemic down in Brisbane.

The cupcakes were all gone by the end of the day.

4 thoughts on “CUPCAKES”

  1. So when EA buys companies out is it like when Bill Gates bought out Homer Simpson’s Compuglobalhypermeganet company and they walk in with baseball bats and smash everything? If so, do you get to carry a bat?

  2. Yes, we do carry bats made of money. Speaking of Simpsons, be sure to be pick up the new Simpsons game made by EA for next-gen systems! It’s out this fall!

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