As I’ve mentioned before, even with unique names, like mine, there’s a good chance that someone else out there has your name. Of the several Erwin Tangs out there, Dr. Erwin Tang of Texas is probably the one that has interested me most.

From what little there has been on the Internet, I’ve determined that Dr. Tang is a well-respected and more than competent dentist. A family man, he was voted “Father of the Year” in Plano, Texas for 2001. He is also apparently an outstanding member of this community.

It is on the Internet that our worlds meet, perhaps not like an upper and lower molar but more tangentially. I’m fairly certain that’s he aware of this site and that I own this domain. Once in a while, I see random hits from near Dallas, Texas. Is it him or someone in his family visiting? Maybe. I wonder sometimes if he’s disappointed that a random dude like me has secured our namesake .com domain.

Well, Dr. Erwin Tang has entered into the online arena in his own right. I’m not sure when his web site went live but Dr. Tang now has an online presence to promote his thriving dentistry business. As far as web sites goes, it’s a pretty good one. There’s enough content to keep a reader interested, especially if you’re a prospective new client. I applaud it for being simple without being simplistic. I give it extra points for being able to book appointments online.

Once again, congratulations to Dr. Erwin Tang and his staff on his new web site!

5 thoughts on “CONGRATS TO DR. ERWIN TANG”

  1. Coincidence that Dr. Tang uses an image of a tooth on his homepage that looks rather similar to the one you had extracted?Oh, that and you’re both asian…

  2. Erwin, I think if your blog was used for search engine optimization, google searches for Dr. Erwin Tang would favour your blog post over his website.

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