After finishing the fantastic BioShock, I’ve put a new game in my Xbox 360. Entitled The Darkness, you start off as a low-level mobster trying to make sense of a hit gone bad.

Early on the in the game I acquired an Xbox achievement worth ten points that was unlike any other achievement I had seen. Achievement points are awarded in every Xbox 360 game and are given for completing specific game tasks. They usually are handed out for passing a level or killing a certain amount of enemies.

This time around, however, was different. Early on, your avatar visits his girlfriend at her new apartment. Jenny gives you a message left by a friend of yours and you’re to call him. After you read the message, Jenny motions for you to sit on the couch with her because she wants to watch some TV. If you sit down with her it turns into a fairly realistic simulation of what it’s like to sit on a couch and watch TV with your girlfriend (or so I’ve been told… ha!). You start off sitting side-by-side but as time goes on, she’ll lean over and you guys hold hands. Then she’ll put her head on your shoulder and she’ll give you a kiss.

Now all this time, you’re able to press the “A” button to get up and leave. Now if you remain on the couch, however, Jenny will eventually mention how tired she is and she’ll fall asleep on your lap. Aww… cute. Anyways, once she’s asleep, you’ll be awarded the “Romantic” achievement, worth ten points and described as “real men stick around for their ladies”. If you get up early, you’re just a dork and you’ll get no such points.

I’ve received hundreds upon hundreds of points for winning car races, killing Nazis, discovering treasure, and all sorts of crazy stuff but this is the first time I’ve gotten points for just being a good boyfriend.

Incidently, the TV watching portion is pretty neat too. When Jenny turns on the TV, she puts it on a channel that’s showing To Kill a Mockingbird with Gregory Peck. Because this movie is in the public domain, the developers were able to include the entire film with the game. So, it’s entirely possible to watch the whole movie in Jenny’s apartment.

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