As we approach the Friday launch date for skate. we’re seeing more reviews come in. Here’s the up to the second scores:

IGN – 90
1Up – 90
Game Informer – 88
GameTrailers – 81

With the fourth review, the ever-important Metacritic score can now be calculated. Our current Metacritic score on Xbox 360 is now 89. While that gives us the rating of “generally favourable reviews”, a 90 would push us into “universal acclaim” territory. Just say it again… “universal acclaim”. That sounds way better than “generally favourable”.

We took a major hit from GameTrailers because they gave us a 7.2 on gameplay which led to the 81. I may be or probably am biased but WTF? I think that’s pretty harsh considering IGN said that skate. “redefined the genre”. How can you redefine a genre with gameplay that rates as a 7.2? Anyways, no game can please everyone… except for BioShock but I digress.

I’d like to see a few 90s. If we can keep our Metacritic score at 90 or above, we get a star! Also, EA executives will give us a big pat on the back.

Lastly, the video you see above is from 1Up. It’s technically not a review but just three reviewers discussing the game. It’s pretty cool since I get to just listen in on people talking about various aspects that liked or didn’t like. Of note, one of those people is a real female! Jennifer Tsao is the managing editor of Electronic Gaming Monthly. Based on my back-0f-napkin calculations, she is the fifth female on the planet to play skate. (outside of the ladies on the dev team).

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