There have been a ton of people who have poured many hours of work into the game I’ve been working on. Sometimes when I’m at work late, I ask myself, “Outside EA, does anyone really care that I’m expending all this effort into making this a better game?”

For some developers, they’ll never know the answer to that question because there’s no way for the general public to provide their thoughts on an unreleased game. Lucky for us, there’s the EA forums, which has been a way for the public to tell us what they think. A few days ago, we had to announce that there was going to be a small delay in releasing the demo on Xbox 360. It was originally going to be out on the 15th of this month but it will be later now.

There was a lot of hectic activity on the forum after we made that announcement. A lot of people were disappointed. In amongst those posts, however, was one user who tried to put it all in perspective:

“Scotty B’s the man. everyone dont get mad at the devs for this mishap its not there fault. once you get the game i can assure you all it was worth the wait. All of you guys that have worked on this game are GODS to me cause i actually take skateboarding seriously and you guys have made it possible to play an acutuall [sic] real skate game which i have been waiting for all of my life. i can wait for this demo as long as it takes and no one should be complaining. Ide [sic] like to see you make a game as epic as this ones gonna be.

Thanks to all of you at Blackbox you have basically made my dreams come true with this game. Once i get this game (which i have already paid for) i will cry in the car until i get home because i will be soo exited.

First Trick goin down: Kick back lip.

thanks again you all are gods.”

So there you have it. At least one guy out there appreciates our hard work. He even called us gods. That’s a nice touch. Also, I’m glad he’s excited about the game but I hope he won’t really cry in the car on the way home.

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