E3 2007

Are you familiar with video game conference/convention E3? Do you remember the over-the-top displays, throngs of scantily-clad booth babes, and full-scale assaults on your senses? Yeah, all that’s gone now.

E3, which stands for something new now, has been toned and scaled down. Now it takes place in Santa Monica rather than Los Angeles. The focus is back on the games. They also moved the date from May to July, this week in fact.

If you remember my post over a year ago, I was happy to be part of E3 as a developer via the game I was currently working on. That game was Shadow-Born for the N-Gage, reportedly the most expensive cell phone game in history. Even while I was writing that post, I knew I was flogging a dead horse in a manner of speaking. I already knew the chances of Shadow-Born ever appearing in the marketplace and being actually played by people were almost nil. The N-Gage turned out to be a pretty bad failure for Nokia. As a result, Shadow-Born will never see the light of day.

More than a year later, I’m working for a new company and on a new game. skate will be at this year’s E3. Unlike Shadow-Born, there will be genuine interest in skate from both journalists and regular gamers alike. Also, unlike Shadow-Born, skate will be definitely be released.

We sent out a pretty solid build for E3. I’m hoping we make some great impressions with people this week! Stay tuned for coverage!

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