What a late night at work! I left just before midnight and there still lots of people still at the studio. In a bit of consolation, there was a bit of junk food being passed around and a producer was giving away skate clothing.

Anyways, on the way home, my cab passed by an accident scene just outside of the downtown core. A van was sandwiched between at least six police vehicles. Some were behind it, others in front, and still more from the side. It was clearly the site of the end of a police pursuit. The front of the van had been bashed in, no doubt having contacted the front of police cars at some rate of speed. All the windows of the van had been broken, either by the crash or by police means.

I bet it was a crazy scene when it all went down. I bet the police drew their guns when the van came to a rest. I would have liked to have seen that. It probably looked like this.

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