I’m sure a lot of you have heard of local author Douglas Coupland and his book J-Pod. It is loosely based on a large video game development company located in the Lower Mainland. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that company is Electronic Arts.

Did you know that CBC is turning it into a TV series? Apparently, they have written the first ten episodes already. Thanks to something that happened in the studio last week, I now know what part of the eleventh episode will be about.

Last week, there was an “incident” on our floor. The whole thing was actually funny from the get-go. It involved an opening of some cherished item that had been on the desk of a software engineer for apparently seven years. There were many e-mails sent out about it and someone even wrote a poem.

One of the managers was at a dinner later where she told some people about what happened. It turns out one of the diners was a CBC producer. She thought it was a really funny thing and so they’ll try to write it into one of the episodes!

Look for it in early 2008!

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