After arriving home this evening I noticed a note from the strata council had been placed on the front door. Apparently a “family of bears has been spotted on the property”. The bears weren’t just sighted in the area, they were found on the grounds. Wow, that’s scary.

When I’m not being taxied home, I walk two blocks in darkness from the bus stop to home. I remember one time there was a bear warning posted near the West Coast Express station in Port Moody. My sister read that and then randomly told this woman with a baby stroller about the warning as she approached our place. The woman thought my sister was crazy but now I’m thinking I’ll stop laughing at my sister about that incident.

7 thoughts on “BEARS”

  1. Hey ET,How did you get the facebook thingy on your blog? Is there a FB application that does it? I want one.

  2. Dude,First of all, it was the west coast express train bus driver who told us about the bears, and then it was a woman with a dog, not a baby. In any event I rest my case. with all the condo building going on in PM, the bears were bound to come out. Yikes!

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