I’m not sure how I’m supposed to improve on a post about Olivia Munn in a gold bikini but I guess I’ll try. So…

Well, I took a cab home tonight again, no big surprise there. My favourite driver was unfortunately second in line in front of the Pan Pacific. He was talking to the guy who was first. He saw me and then said to his friend, “Ah! This is a good customer! Treat him well!” He left and went back to his cab.

I hopped into the van and we were off. I’m getting pretty good at predicting if I’ll like talking to the driver. Within five minutes I knew this guy was alright. All the drivers take the same route to Port Moody. As such, I get pretty familar with the sights with includes the hooker strolls just off Hastings. I can even recognize one streetwalker on a particular corner. I’m not sure why I can point her out now. It’s probably because she doesn’t look like a stereotypical hooker on the streets. It’s weird. I wonder if I’ll see her again tomorrow?

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