Sadly, I am still at work right now. I am, however, doing nothing… actually, I’m waiting. I’ve been working all day fixing some timing issues with a feature I’m responsible for. The lead front end engineer has put in new text and HUD elements to let the user know what’s going on. It’s a good improvement on what we had before.

I’m making sure gameplay doesn’t proceed too much before the messages and text finish displaying. I’m pretty happy with my changes so about half an hour I was testing everything before checking in my files. That’s when I discovered a crash in the game. Turns out one of the AI guys had put something new in earlier today. I called one of the AI dudes over and we looked over the problem. He went away to whip up a fix.

While he works on that, I have to wait since it’s better that I test his fix with my changes before submitting the whole thing in. I could just check in my files and then assume when the AI fix gets in that it’ll all work in harmony together. That’s a dangerous assumption of course. So while I could be in a taxi on my way home right now, I’m doing the right thing by waiting.

I just realized there’s something productive I could be doing while I was waiting but instead I just wrote this post. Whoops.

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