Today, I overheard one of our DDs (project managers), I won’t say who, mention something about our food budget. Apparently, we are three times over the amount in the budget.

Why is that? There could be several reasons. We started OT way earlier than expected. More people are working OT than predicted. We are working more OT than predicted. We ordered more expensive food than was necessary.

In reality, it’s a combination of all those things. Oh man, I remember early on we were having Alaskan king crab legs, goat cheese salads, and little pastries for dessert. We don’t get that anymore!

3 thoughts on “THE COST OF EATIN'”

  1. No tofu though… so it’s not that bad. I remember eating a lot of tofu in college. It got so bad, someone put a little sign on the soda fountain over the “Coke” sign that said “Tofu Soda”.

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