When I leave work, I usually walk by a pub on my way to the limousine stop. Next to the pub is a bunch of street parking. This evening, as I walked by the pub, right where you could park a car was a big pile of horse poop. Having grown up the son of two horse ranchers, I know horse poop when I see it and this my friends was indeed it.

It looked fresh, not more than a couple of hours old. Don’t ask how I know, I just do. I have no idea why someone would park a horse where a car would usually go. That street isn’t known for horse-drawn carriages nor wild horses. Nevertheless, a horse was parked outside that pub for a sufficient amount of time for it to do its business… and right by the outdoor patio too. How odd.

I’m going to see if the poop is still there tomorrow. Stay tuned mofos.

4 thoughts on “HORSE POOP”

  1. dude! there’s a horse poop invasion in this city! I have run across 3 instances of horse poop on my walk to work and back. it’s the damn police! the damn police need to clean up after themselves. I’ve seen it in a park, on the road and on the sidewalk. all in or around the downtown / eat side / chinatown areas.

  2. hmmm. horse poop over dog poop. definitely.Although, why can’t the city councils make horse owners pick up after their animals, like people do with their dogs. They could put big bag dispensers in parks and stuff…clearly there’s a need for it and it only seems fair

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