Well, it was a lunch for the ages on Monday. Yes, I’ve lunched with gwilli before. Yes, I’ve also lunched with GK himself. Monday was the day though where we all met at some sorta weird and powerful lunch nexus.

gwilli took the reins and gathered the troops. He hadn’t seen Garrett in person for years but had kept in touch via the Internets. I said I wanted Mexican so Greg took us to this authentic Mexican place on the outskirts of the downtown east side.

I could describe the lunch here but that would be a waste of time and words. Why don’t you just read gwilli’s post? Don’t forget to click on the pics! I gotta say that mango water stuff was awesome in a liquid way.

It was quite the meeting of the bloggers. Not quite Spider-man meets Wolverine meets the Hulk but more like a crossover between Different Strokes, Silver Spoons and Webster.

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