As much as I was hesistant, I have a Facebook account. This thing looked like a MySpace clone
from a mile away, so I was ready to lump it into the same trash pile as Xanga and all these other social networking sites.

I’ve been on Friendster for years but very few others that I knew were on it. It just didn’t reach critical mass. On the other hand, I’ve been amazed by Facebook. People who I never thought would join a social networking site are on it… lots of people. Why is Facebook taking off while sites like Friendster didn’t? The answer is unclear to me.

Actually, there are some things about Facebook that I’ll cautiously say are nice features. First, Facebook prevents you from taking your profile page and turning it into a UI disaster. There’s no embedded audio of some stupid song. There’s no changing the colour of the background so that your text is illegible. Compared to MySpace, it’s night and day comparing the two interfaces.

I haven’t bought into the whole Facebook thing yet but look me up if you’ve got an account. Feel free to poke me or add me as a friend.

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