I’m too tired to post anything coherent tonight, so I’ll juts stream some consciousness onto the keyboard.

I gotta a craving for crunchy foods at this exact moment. I want something like kettle chips right now. A really satisfying crunch. It’s too bad nothing in the house even comes to close being crunchy in texture. I got a bag of Mexican microwave popcorn but I don’t want to go through the hassle.

You know what I’m eating instead? A muffin… from T&T Supermarket. I’m not sure if they make their own muffins or buy from a wholesaler. The muffin came from a box of assorted muffins. Out of the three kinds in the box, two kinds have raisins in them. I hate raisins. Who the hell puts that many raisins into a muffin? Why am I even eating this muffin? Almonds. I would like crunchy almonds right now… or a macadamia nut… surrounded my milk chocolate.

I did my taxes on Monday night. I’m getting a $2K refund. It’s probably because I made an RRSP contribution this year. I think I’m going to put the refund money back into an RRSP. It’s the start of the opposite of a vicious circle. Like, a fluffy, cute circle. Example usage: “After I started dating a swimsuit model, it was the start of a fluffy, cute circle where all I dated was model after model.”

Ok, it’s time for bed. I hate raisins.

4 thoughts on “RAMBLINGS”

  1. Dude… you just get a high-paying job doing something you like and all you can do is plan for the day you get to retire!

  2. It’s like regular popcorn but there’s an included flavour packet. The packet contains chili spice, lime seasonings, and a pinata.

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