I was in the designers area this evening to check out something in the game. I was at someone’s desk, when of the designers said, “I was talking to Cam and he told me you wrote about a Chinese restaurant in a basement on your blog. Let’s hear more about this place!”

The Cam he was referring to is the Cam who frequently comments on this blog. My first thought was, “Hmmm… someone on the team now knows I have a blog.” Before a second thought could enter my brain, a second designer piped up.

“You have a blog? What’s the address?”

I feigned not to know what he was talking about. It’s always interesting when people at my job find out I have a blog. I usually wonder how long it will take. At Backbone, it took about four months. Somehow, someone found out. I think they Googled my name. A few people started reading but now, I think only person reads it regularly.

So, about eight months in, someone on my team knows I blog. The good thing is that I always blog about work in very general terms. It’s a good strategy for you young kids out there. Always keep your stick on the ice!

Oh, the David Banner reference? It’s from the TV version of The Incredible Hulk. Dr. Banner went from town to town, waiting for the inevitable moment when people discovered he was the Hulk. I go from job to job, waiting for the inevitable moment when people discover I have a blog.

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