I’ve been trying to debug an online problem in our game for the last three work days. I finally solved the problem today with the help of a guy that’s about ten years younger than I am and about 10x as smart as I am. Turns out the problem was pretty stupid. I still feel like an idiot. Wait, am I even supposed to tell you the game is going to have online features?

I had to sit next to an older woman on the bus today. She smelled like a medicine cabinet. My patience is wearing thin with regard to my suburban bus route. Having to spend almost an hour a day in crowded bus full of seniors is getting old fast, no pun intended. Sometimes I look around and wonder if the bus is actually going downtown or we going to down to the casino down in Tulalip. Maybe up to Canada for cheap drugs? Oh wait, we’re already in Canada.

I work with a guy who was the digital effects supervisor on The Chronicles of Naria. There are a lot of talented people on my team. I feel pretty lucky for a guy who grew up in Coquitlam and went to elementary school next to a trailer park.

Someone on my team just came back from vacation in New Zealand. I jokingly told her before she left that I wanted some macadamia nuts. On my desk this morning was a box of chocolate covered macadamia nuts. She bought them in the airport in Hong Kong. I’m gonna ask her to bring me back a large sum of money next time she goes on vacation.

Apparently, the White Spot restaurant along Georgia near GM Place is undergoing renovations. That’s too bad since I was looking forward to have a BC burger platter.

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