If you’ve been with us from the beginning you know I work in an office building full of accountants. It’s basically us and the number crunchers. EA holds floors 12, 17, 18, 19, and 20. We unfortunately have to share the same elevator bank with the rest of building. When the elevator doors open, it’s easy to tell if you’ve reached an accountant floor or a video game one.

EA pipes in music into the elevator areas on each of its floors. No one else does this in the building. Before Christmas, the music wasn’t very loud. After the holidays, they replaced the Christmas songs with classic 80s music. They also turned it way up.

The tracks they’ve picked are awesome. They range anywhere from the Go-Gos to Guns ‘N Roses. Several times, I’ve delayed pushing the button to call the elevator just to listen to a song a few more seconds. Today, I stood there like an idiot for almost a minute listening to Tarzan Boy. Yeah, I’ll admit that. Sweet Child O’ Mine!


Well, here I am at the old ‘puter with my Double Big Gulp and a bag of Doritos. I got my haircut tonight. I told Mary-Anne about my Wii. I think I may have convinced her to buy one. I mentioned how good Madden is on it and she’s a big football fan.

I came home and saw a link on YouTube. The video was entitled, “Olivia Munn Deep Throating a Snickers“. I click on the link. The video is stuck on the loading phase. It never finishes nor does it start playing. Every other video on YouTube plays however, except the one where Olivia Munn apparently downs a Snickers. The world is cruel and unfair at times.

Hey, here’s a tip. If you don’t want to be tired in the morning, then don’t put in Gears of War into your 360 for the first time ever at midnight.

In related news, I play about an hour of Wii Sports every night. If you’ve known me for any length of time, that’s the equivalent of me going to the gym and doing cardio and lifting weights. I try to play the most physically demanding games in Wii Sports. I sample the tennis, baseball, and boxing. I actually get sweaty after a while. This has to be good for me.


It’s become one of the most anticipated posts of the year here at et.com. Yes, it’s my annual Valentine’s Day post. Cultivated over three years of time, the popularity of a post on this day every year has reached a feverish pitch.

Last year’s post featured a classy declaration in the form of a heart-shaped candy. Another year, well… I showed you the same candy in a post, but there was quite a narrative in that one. And in yet another post, there was even more candy.

While the candy theme does seem like a recurring one, we’re seeing a new theme emerge as well. Every year, I write about how I’m going to treat myself for the evening. It usually starts off with a description of the meal I’ll cook myself. Scrumtrelescent and almost decadent, the meal could nearly be described as an orgy of flavours. What follows would be several hours of TV watching and in a next-gen twist, even more time with the Xbox 360 and the Wii. Then after a few glasses of red wine, I’d turn my attention to the ancient art of self-love, practiced for centuries in what we now call the cradle of civilization. Taken to exhaustion after reaching the heights of pleasure, I collapse in a heap, unable to do anything but let sleep wash over me. Awaking just before midnight, I entertain the last ritual of the evening, driving to 7-11 to purchase a Double Big Gulp, brimming with decaffeinated Coke Classic.

Ah yes, another successful Valentine’s Day! See you next year lovers!


The Georgia Straight, everyone’s favourite free paper in the city, recently released the results of their online sex survey. The results are pretty interesting but allow me to highlight a few findings:

If you married outside your race, which would you prefer?

(female responses)

mixed: 40.3 percent

Caucasian: 16.2 percent

Mediterranean: 11.9 percent

Asian: 9.7 percent

African origin: 8 percent

(male responses)

Asian: 29.8 percent

mixed: 28.3 percent

Latin American: 14 percent

Caucasian: 12.7 percent

Mediterranean: 8.4 percent

For females in the Vancouver area, Asian men would be almost their least desirable choice to marry if they had to indulge in exploration. For men, and this should really come as no surprise, topping their list are Asian women. Mixed comes in second but I’d really like to know what mix they’d prefer. My bet would be the men would look for Asian-Caucasian. Read the rest of the results here.

The fever and the stereotypes are still very much alive in Vancouver. My brothers, we shall continue to endure… or move to a Scandanavian country like most of us discussed in last month’s meeting.


I attended a house party on Friday at the residence of the lead programmer on my first project when I worked at Backbone. Nigel’s a fun guy and I’d been to one of his parties before. Good times were expected. I also invited a few other ex-Backboners, Tim, Hugh, Derek, and someone who I shall call “Bob” in this post.

The party was well-attended with lots of current Backboners, the quitters (me included), EA people (me included), and random strangers that you don’t have any idea about. Bob wanted to play World of Warcraft instead of going to the party but I convinced him to go with enticement of hot chicks at the party. Even though Bob’s got a girlfriend, he says he likes seeing the eye candy.

We’d all found a spot in the living room to sit. We were near the stereo but Bob was like right next to the CD player. There was this guy at the party who fit the redneck/frat boy stereotype to a “T”. He had really short hair, pasty white face, was slightly obese and wore a ball cap, jeans and running shoes. For some reason, he was fascinated with the choice of music. He came over several times to change the CD in the player. One time, he came over, stood next to Bob, and then bent down to pick a CD on the floor. As he bent down, he exposed a generous of amount of pasty white frat boy ass crack. Bob took that exact moment to turn his head towards the stereo and put his face less than a foot from the ass crack. He recoiled in horror as everyone laughed.

“That was so the opposite of hot chicks!” Bob yelled at me. To be honest, there were at least two really attractive women at the party but Bob didn’t think so.

Later, I went to the kitchen to mingle while I left Bob in the living room. I somehow managed to make my way to the basement and then out to the back yard before returning to the living room. I found Bob sitting on a different couch. He has a pouty look on his face and did not seem happy. Our mutual friends were sitting with him, so I asked what happened.

Apparently, while I was gone, Bob saw Dave’s penis. Dave is a friend of ours who also used to work at Backbone. Dave is a great guy, lots of fun to be around. The story, as it was relayed to me, happened thusly. Dave had gone outside in the front yard to empty his bladder since there was only one bathroom in the house. To be honest, if you’ve seen Nigel’s bathroom, you’re better off going in the yard. Anyways, Dave ain’t a shy guy so he didn’t really go far into the yard to take a leak. As he was whipping out his penis to take a leak, he saw Bob on the front porch and called out to him. Since it was kinda dark, Bob didn’t know what Dave was doing, so he began to walk right up to Dave.

So here Dave was, with his wang out, taking a leak, and Bob’s getting right up to him. Bob got real close before his eyes could make out what Dave was doing but it was too late. Bob got an eyeful of Dave’s penis before he could turn away and run.

“Wow, that’s too bad.” I said to Bob. He basically announced he was going home at that point. Dave’s girlfriend, Joyce and I convinced him to stay but only for ten minutes more. He then got up and left in a huff. That also meant another friend of ours had to leave too since Bob was his ride. Poopy.

You know, I promised Bob hot chicks and all he got was male ass crack and an upclose look at a penis. I’m sorry that happened to you Bob. I’m sure the next party will be much better.


I managed to get almost nothing done at work today. Wait, before anyone says it, I’ll say it for you, “How’s that different than any other day for you Erwin?” Well, I’ll tell ya.

This might get boring for most of you so feel free to skip today’s post. Our team is moving a distributed build system for both Xbox 360 and PS3… wait, no one wants to read that. I’ll cut to the chase… I have all kinds of broken software on my work computer now which means I can’t write any new code nor can I run the game properly.

I did, however, read some pretty interesting technical articles on our internal network. I also read the paper in our lounge and cleaned up my desk a bit.

Tomorrow, some guy named Nick Burns is coming down from IT to fiddle with my computer. It’s going to take several hours to fix.


In the last six months, it seems like everyone I know is having or had a baby. David and Abigail. Nic and Marcia. My friend Pam and her husband. Two people at work. A third co-worker looks like she’ll be giving birth any day now. Sarah O is also pregnant now. Babies abound.

Is it because I’m getting to that age where people are having babies? I don’t know.

The biggest development in my life is that I now own two video game consoles. Maybe I’ll go adopt a kid next week. If I get a kindergartner I’ll be ahead of everyone else.


I received an e-mail from the facilities manager today informing that there will be a Wii waiting for me at company store tomorrow. It’s my choice whether or not I buy it. Almost ashamedly, I am going purchase it.

Why the shame? I just got my Xbox 360 less than three months ago. Mind you, I got it free but I still shelled out some cash to get a new LCD, a VGA cable, Xbox Live account, and four games (all substantially less than retail). I feel lucky just to own one next-gen console and here I am about to get another.

As kick-ass as my LCD is, I pointed out in a previous post that there’s no way to connect a Wii to it. My LCD has every high-def connection known to civilization, except for component, which is the only high-def connection the Wii has. I’ll be playing it on a 4:3 standard-def 28″ TV until I figure something out. I know this sounds petty but once you’ve seen 480p gaming and above, it’s hard to go back.

So why am I getting it then? Well, everyone that has one has told me it’s a lot of fun. I can believe it too. I’ve played it a few times at work. The most important reason behind the purchase is that the Wii just makes for more active gaming. I sat for 1.5 hr tonight playing 360. While it was entertaining, I sat here like a slug. With the Wii, you’re swinging and moving around. People have documented real weight loss because of owning a Wii.

On the off-chance that I just find the Wii boring and that I prefer my 360, there’s also a silver lining. I’ve decided I won’t sell my Wii, I’m going to give it away to the BC Children’s Hospital or Canuck Place. Actually, that’s pretty dumb. If I keep my Wii, I’m going to make a charitable donation to either place because now I’ll feel guilt if I keep it. Wait, did I just think aloud and write it all down in the last paragraph.

So, I’m getting a Wii tomorrow. Ok, so it’s not the best way to spend $180 but oh well.


I had a bento box for dinner at work tonight. I left the takeout container on my desk. There were three people left working in my area when I went home. The lid is closed but I hope it doesn’t smell.

Remaining in the box was a piece and a half of tempura, one California roll, some rice with teriyaki sauce on it, and some green salad. I wonder if this is gonna be a problem when I come in tomorrow morning.