Does March 24 have any significance to you? Of course not. Anyways, it was the day erwintang.com came into being. This year marks the seventh anniversary of this web site.

It’s also the last day I can renew my domain before really bad things start happening. For example, some Russian hacker group can buy my expired domain and then start re-directing my vistors to porn sites.

Why I only renew my domain a year at a time is a mystery to me. Maybe I like the excitement. Who knows. Well, if I wanted excitement, this year I got it. My domain is registered with a Mickey Mouse operation. GoDaddy it ain’t. Anyways, my registrar went through some sorta name change and their web site is a mess. The kicker is that they changed over to a new billing system, which includes the functionality to renew domains. They’ve sent out e-mails to their customers for them to request the new billing log in info. Guess who’s tried to send that request out to the four times now? Yep, yours truly.

I’ve gotten no response from them. The next step is now to call them. Of course, being a shoddy operation, they have no toll-free line. I gotta call them long-distance. I won’t do that though. I’m going to call them collect. Who wants to bet they won’t agree to the call?

So what are my options? I can transfer my domain to GoDaddy and get all my services consolidated under one roof, domain and hosting. I could do that now… except the control panel that allows me to do that is broken because my registrar has responsibility for that.

I also could let my domain expire and then re-register my domain, using a more reliable registrar, on my behalf. It should probably slip back into the pool of available without too much fanfare since it’s not exactly largeboobies.com. I am, however, writing about this now, so there’s a small chance one of you jokers out there could beat me to the punch.

There’s less than a month until D-Day! Johnson! Move us to Defcon 4!

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